Steinberg Virtual Bassist 1.0 Rebuild SynsoEmu

Steinberg - Virtual Bassist 1.0 (Rebuild SynsoEmu)

Steinberg - Virtual Bassist 1.0 (Rebuild SynsoEmu)
English | Steinberg - Virtual Bassist 1.0 (Rebuild SynsoEmu) | 558 MB

Software tool Virtual Bassist - the latest addition in the series of "virtual musicians," based on a real game studio musicians, Virtual Bassist offers a range of phrases, rhythms and styles of music genres such as rock, reggae, metal, hip-hop and more. Virtual Bassist offers real musical phrases played by studio bass players, provides the ability to use a variety of musical styles through a wide selection of sounds and rhythms. More Products "Virtual Band" from Steinberg's - Groove Agent (2), Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition, find a set of models that are suitable for rhythm parts of these tools to create a powerful and varied accompaniment.
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